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black and white photo of male client being shown and shoulder exercise


If you have picked up an injury or are suffering with a niggle, then this is the best place to start.


We will use a wide variety of functional movements, hands on assessments and take an in depth history of your pain to deduce what the issue is. We will then proceed to make a plan of how best to manage your pain and promote your healing and movement, supporting you to get you back to your chosen activity.

black and white photo of strength and conditioning coach aleks coaching an romanian deadlift to a male client


Through the optimal loading principal we use exercise prescription to promote the healing process and address the root causes of your injury.


We personally tailor your rehabilitation plan using a combination of corrective, sport specific and injury specific exercises. We aim to develop those physical qualities that you need to reduce the risk of re-injury and to promote your performance.

black and white photo of strength and conditioning coach aleks coaching a long lever single leg bridge of a box


With an in depth look at your movement, physical demands of your activity and previous injuries, we design an exercise programme to promote good quality movement, reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance.


Programmes usually run in 4 to 6 week blocks and constantly adapt to follow your progress and challenge your body in a positive way.

black and white photo of client after being fitted with donjoy knee brace


We are an Official DonJoy Brace Fitting Centre and we offer bespoke fitting for off the shelf and custom made braces.


These are great for those who have sustained an injury, those going through an operative route or those looking to prevent injuries in extreme sports. Braces are often used on pre/post operation patients, as prescribed by the consultant in charge.

DonJoy braces are officially used by the USA skiing team and elite Motor Cross athletes across the world. They have been tried, tested and backed by scientific evidence to reduce the risk of injury.

black and white picture of doctor vicann during using his ultrasound imaging machine to assess his male clients knee


With an extensive background in Elite and International level sport, our Sports Doctor has an in depth knowledge of sports and musculoskeletal injuries.


With onsite prescription, injection therapy and Imaging Ultrasound scanning, they offer a great service and can manage nearly any sporting injury.

black and white photo of doctor vicann during scanning a quadraceps tendon with his ultrasound imaging machine


Imaging Ultrasound scanning is a precise musculoskeletal exam technique performed by our Sports Doctor to take a look at some of your joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. The images taken will be assessed and determined if the tissue is normal or not.


This is a very useful tool in the diagnostic process and can guide our management plan or be used to guide an injection into the correct tissues.

black and white photo of strength and conditioning coach aleks coaching his male client to perfoem a good morning


Working closely with you and your coaches, we take a look at your season and produce a strategy to promote your performance at the critical times; aiming to produce your best performances when competition time comes around.


We will put into action prehabilitation and recovery protocols to manage your body through a season and reduce the risk of injury.

black and white photo of clients leg with 12 dry needles in


Dry Needling is a specific form of Acupuncture performed only by trained and certified practitioners. We use a thin monofilament needle, specifically targeting trigger points, to stimulate the deeper fibres of your muscles to reduce muscle tone, improve pain and desensitise the hypersensitive areas.


This is a useful treatment option for those suffering with an injury or chronic pain. It can also be used as maintenance treatment for those who suffer with muscle tightness.

black and white image of female client receiving sports massage on her lower back


A form of massage aiming to reduce muscle tone, improve pain and promote Lymphatic drainage within your muscles.


The use of deep tissue techniques allows us to promote recovery and performance.

black and white image of female client with kinesiology tape on her knee


A taping technique using specially designed tape to promote your bodies natural lymphatic drainage.


Reducing inflammation or a build up of waste products within your muscles whilst promoting stability and muscle function.

black and white image of female client being shown a shoulder test


If you are recovering from an injury which has resulted in you having to undergo an operation, we are here to help.


We will use a combination of rehabilitation, injury treatment, sports massage, dry needling and kinesiology taping to get you back in your chosen sport. We aim to return you to your chosen activity better equipped to deal with the physical demands and reduce the risk of further or re-injury.

Sports Injury


Using a combination of soft tissue treatments, joint mobility and rehabilitation, we work with you to promote healing.


Providing you with the best chance of returning to your chosen activity and more capable of coping with the physical demands to help reduce the risk of injury.

black and white image of female client being shown a upper back exercise


Defined as improving range of movement around a joint.


We assess your current movement and design a specific mobility circuit for you to do in your own time, with the aim of giving you better freedom of movement.


This is an important part of self-care and can play a vital role in reducing the risk of injuries when performing.

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