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At Ross Therapy, we believe that everyone should strive to perform to the best of their abilities and have tried to provide an all encompassing service to accommodate for these needs. Education is the best tool we have to help you understand what it takes to look after your body and make it as efficient as possible.

We aim to offer a wide variety of services to encompass all aspects of your performance, injury and training needs. All of our services are aimed at providing elite level care to those who have sustained an injury or are simply looking to improve their performance.

In our experience there are 5 key factors that combine together to both promote performance and help you recover post injury.

black and white photo of female client being shown an exercise for her upper back


Mobility is a crucial part of maintaining your quality of movement and reducing the risk of injury. The ability for a joint to move correctly and freely is imperative to ensure that you have better firing patterns in the muscles that support them.


Working with better firing patterns can make you stronger, more powerful and prevent you from overloading certain structures in your body which can lead to injury.

We offer bespoke mobility programmes which are designed for you specifically to promote better quality of movement and performance.

Picture of client with kettle bell on right foot performing a hip flexor exercise


Stability or Proprioception is the ability for you to use your muscles to control your movement and react to forces that you may experience in your training. Allowing yourself to maintain control through different ranges of movement, forces or directions, will allow you to absorb and distribute force efficiently, as to not overload a specific tissue or structure. In turn, this will allow you to reduce the risk of injury and prevent unnecessary stress on your body.

This is a key part of injury prevention and is something we look at very seriously at for our Pre-Habilitation Programmes.

Lifting Kettlebells


Strength is defined as the ability to withstand force or pressure. The application of strength can differ. You may need to be able to produce large amounts of force to shift weight (power lifting, strong person athlete ect), repeatedly apply force over a long duration (running, cycling ect) or a combination of both (rugby, CrossFit ect).


Giving yourself the correct capacity for good strength efforts will allow your to perform efficiently and reduce the risk of an injury occurring.

Take a look at our Pre-Habilitation Programmes to see for yourself how we can use our experience to give you a better capacity through strength-based exercises.

picture of conoc gilsenan playing rugby for London Irish


Different activities or sports require very different physical qualities. A runner, rugby player and CrossFit athlete all need very different physical qualities to be able to perform well and try to prevent injuries from occurring. Having the ability to tailor your training to suit your needs can give you the edge in your competitions and help you to meet your goals quicker.

Performance planning sessions allow you time to sit with a member of our staff and plan 4-6 week blocks of your training to promote your personal growth and performance. They can also be used to ensure that you do not over train and help to reduce the risk of an injury occurring.

black and white picture of female client receiving sports massage on her lower back


Promoting recovery is a vital part of both performance and injury prevention. Your body needs to be able to repair itself, adapt to your training load and replenish itself in order to perform again. Ensuring that you stay well hydrated, have good quality sleep and stay well nourished are the key aspects of how your body recovers.


There are other modalities that you can use, for example sports massage, cryotherapy and cold water immersion have all been proven to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery amongst athletes.

Book a sports massage for yourself and start your road to recovery.

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